Best white-label social media management solutions for agencies

This is it. Everything you need to know about white-label social media management. Bookmark it, read it, digest it. Build a Helga Pataki-style shrine to it, if that’s what you’re into.

Best white-label social media management solutions for agencies

This is it. Everything you need to know about white-label social media management. Bookmark it, read it, digest it. Build a Helga Pataki-style shrine to it, if that’s what you’re into.

Today we’re talking about a better money maker than the Bowflex, Shake Weight, and ShamWow combined.

Six words: white-label social media management solutions.

It doesn’t matter if you operate a big agency or you’re starting fresh, we’re going to cover the white-label social media management products AND services you can offer today. Let’s go.

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Just putting this into the universe: someone should partner with Vince Shlomi of ShamWow fame to promote their agency. ShamWow ain’t got nothing on white-label social media management solutions.

This article is for you IF…

You’re looking for white-label social media management products that you can rebrand

You’re looking for white-label social media management services that take care of fulfillment work, from creating content to managing accounts to running campaigns

You want to help your clients grow their audience, find new customers, and provide excellent customer service across multiple social networks

You want to generate recurring revenue and double digit margins

You want to retain clients longer with products that they’ll use on a daily basis

You don’t trust outsourcing your social media work to India, the Philippines, or questionable freelancers on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

If any or all of the above applies to you, you’re in the right place. Read on, friend. Read on.

Spoiler: Just use Vendasta

If you’re looking for white-label social media management solutions, I strongly recommend Vendasta. (There, I saved you 20 minutes reading the article. Y’welcome.)

They’re based in North America, not overseas, and they offer the best white-label solutions at price points that work for any budget.

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OK. Spoilers done. Back to the article. Just don’t forget to circle back and grab the scrumdiddlyumptious discount before you leave.

What is white-label social media management?

White-label social media management can be broken down into two categories: white-label products and white-label services.

White-label social media management products are social media apps that you can sell under your own logo. Picture a Hootsuite or Buffer with your brand on it.

White-label social media management services are services fulfilled by a third-party agency under your logo. Essentially, someone else manages your clients’ social channels on their behalf, creating content, posting, managing campaigns, etc.

The beauty of white-label solutions, of course, is that they look like your own products or services except you don’t have to write a lick of code or hire anyone to do the work in-house.

💡 Opinion Alert: Offer social products AND services

I believe it’s important to sell both white-label social media products and services.

Products are great because most business owners understand the need for social media tools and use something like Hootsuite to manage their social accounts already. It’s not a tough sell. But where the real value lies is with services, as most clients just want someone to do the work for them. By offering both products and services, you capture the DIY end of the market as well as the Do It For Me side.

What are the top features of white-label social media management products?

I’ve sold white-label social media management products to more companies than my dumb ass can count, but the features people find important are pretty consistent.

Top white-label social media management products should be able to do the following:

All-in-one composer and scheduler. You want your clients to be able to schedule posts and publish to as many places as possible in one click, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Stream of industry-related content. Good white-label social media products make it easy to pull in sources of content to discover great material for posts.

Stock images at your fingertips. It should be easy to make posts pop with access to libraries of high-quality stock images and photo editing capabilities.

Link tracking. Make sure you can track links in your posts and see how many visits originate from various social sites and from Dark Social.

Detailed post performance. Engagement stats should be easy to understand and give clients a quick view of how their accounts are performing.

Lead finder. The best white-label social media products put a significant focus on lead gen. For example, they allow you to configure keyword searches and set up geo-targeting to find new customers. E.g., a product should be able to alert a locksmith when someone tweets “locked keys in car” within a 10 mile radius.

Google My Business support. Google My Business is a big deal for local businesses, so they should be able to promote upcoming events, make special announcements, and share timely offers through direct posts on GMB.

Customer service-focused tools. Your product should be able to help your clients communicate with customers by helping them manage all comments left on posts and any mentions across all their social channels.

Ecommerce capabilities. Features that turn posts into interactive images, convert social fans into paying customers, and track purchases via pixels should be a priority for most businesses looking to make sales online.

Multi-Location social posting. Make sure your white-label social media management product is able to publish posts to multiple social pages from the same social network in one go. Even better, it should be able to offer dynamic content and easy customization to ensure your posts are personalized for each location.

True, 100% white label experience. This should be obvious but it’s not. A lot of companies claiming to have white-label products aren’t 100% white labeled. The URLs or the posts or the app from which the products post “break” the white label and diminish your brand. Make sure whoever you go with is 100% white-labeled.

Are there more features you should consider when evaluating white-label social media management products? Maybe. But in my experience, these are the main ones.

Here’s a carousel of screenshots of what a white-label social media management product looks like. These are taken from Vendasta (spoiler: it’s the provider I recommend.)

What are the top services white-label social media management providers offer?

White-label social media management services allow you to outsource fulfillment to marketing strategists who manage your clients’ social media accounts on their behalf. By outsourcing the work, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business while letting third-party specialists do the work under your brand.

“Grow without hiring, scale without firing,” as they say.

The services to look for from white-label social media management providers include:

Onboarding new clients. Good white-label providers will have solid onboarding processes in place. They’ll introduce your clients to best practices for social media and help them build their content strategy by capturing each client’s goals.

Creating and scheduling content on your clients’ behalf. The main job of most white-label social media management providers is to create and schedule content. Choose a provider with writers who demonstrate strong creative and grammar skills, or you’ll risk embarrassing mistakes that damage your reputation.

Promoting your client’s business on Google. Google indexes a ton of content from social networks, and since your clients want to be found organically by local customers, this should be a top SEO priority. A good way to solidify your client’s presence is by creating social posts that are displayed when people search for their business. White-label social media management providers can help with this.

Using custom images to improve engagement. Good white-label providers offer a range of stock photos and custom images for social sites. They’ll be able to tap into repositories with millions of pictures, as well as work with your clients directly to get custom images. For a small fee, many providers will touch up images with filters, text, logos, etc.

Boosting posts to expand reach. To reach broader audiences, white-label social media providers may offer to boost posts on your clients’ behalf. It’s a nice upsell that improves the effectiveness of content without spending an arm and a leg.

Running ad campaigns. Beyond boosting, many white-label providers will offer full campaign management services across platforms. This includes campaign strategy, budget management, creative services, optimizations, reporting, and more.

Reporting. A list like this wouldn’t be complete without reporting. White-label providers worth their salt provide clear reporting to both you and your clients. They’re good at making sense of metrics and telling a story that SMBs will understand.

It’s worth noting that the services above can be offered through a range of delivery models. Three of the main deliver models include:

1. Do It Yourself (DIY) – You maintain complete control over the execution of your clients’ campaigns while using your white-label provider’s platform to schedule content, post to multiple networks, deliver reporting, etc.

2. Do It For Me (DIFM) – Do It For Me is the hands-off approach. A white-label provider takes care of all digital marketing services and doesn’t require you to do any work.

3. Do It With Me (DIWM) – Do It With Me is a hybrid of DIY and Do It For Me. The white-label provider helps create social posts so when your clients are too busy to create their own content, a certain number of posts are guaranteed to go out with no effort on the client’s part. However, clients are also able to log in to their white-label dashboard or social accounts directly and publish posts on their own.

There is no right or wrong delivery model, only what’s best for your clients. Many agencies offer DIY in their base packages and then upsell to DIFM or DIWM.

Pricing your white-label social media management solutions

The best part about white-label solutions is that you’re able to price them however you want.

There is generally a “wholesale cost” for every product, which you are able to mark up depending on desired margins and the costs that the market will bear.

Below is a pricing sheet from Vendasta showing the costs of their white-label social media management apps. You can see wholesales costs depend on which subscription tier you pay for (Scale & Enterprise vs. Growth vs. Startup), as well as suggested retail pricing.

white-label social media management pricing for products

Pricing sheet for white-label social media management apps from Vendasta. These are just some of the white-label apps in their Marketplace of 350+ solutions. For more pricing information, download the full white-label pricing deck.

In addition to white-label apps, here’s the pricing sheet for white-label services.

Note: Even though the MSRPs below look pretty juicy, I’ve seen agencies charge triple or quadruple those suggested prices. Depends entirely on the vertical and strength of your agency’s positioning and sales acumen. Sky’s the limit. It’s always worth testing.

white-label social media management pricing for services

Pricing sheet for white-label social media management services from Vendasta. Includes fully managed fulfillment work from certified professionals working in North America. For more pricing information, download the full white-label pricing deck.

Hungry for more pricing info? Download the full white-label pricing deck here. Includes nitty-gritty details like discounts and suggested retail pricing for both products and services.

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Who are the top white-label social media management providers?

I consider the top white-label social media management providers the following.

1. Vendasta. Vendasta bills itself as the #1 white-label platform, with over 250+ re-sellable products and services. In addition to white-label social media management—including content creation, campaign strategy, and custom design work—they have DIY social marketing products you can sell for higher margins, as well as award-winning marketing automation solutions to help you market your packages. With Vendasta you not only get A+ white-label social media management, you can also get all the bells and whistles you would normally get with HubSpot, Salesforce, Asana, and others. Pricing is $97 – $1,150 per month.

2. MixBloom. MixBloom focuses on white-label services, including copywriting, image creation, and post scheduling. They create content and manage the review process through a white-label dashboard you provide to your clients. On one hand it’s nice because your clients are able to review and approve creative directly, but on the other hand the services are more limited than other providers and there’s no DIY app that you can rebrand and sell (see the features section above for what you’d be missing out on). Pricing is $199 – $449 per month, depending on post volume.

3. Sendible. Sendible is the opposite of MixBloom and 99 Dollar Social. They don’t offer white-label social media management services, but they do offer a white-label social media app that you can resell. It’s got all the features your clients need with some nice touches thrown in, including bulk imports and collaboration features. Unfortunately, without the services aspect, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to scale beyond the DIY use case and client churn will be high. It’s good to be able to offer both DIY and Do It For Me, as you’ll be limiting your upside with only one part of the market.

4. THAT! Company. THAT! Company offers a marketplace of white-label solutions, and, in addition to social media apps, they bring together the likes of CRM software, marketing automation, reporting, email marketing, SEO, and more under one roof. That said, they honestly feel like a Vendasta ripoff. Compare the sites side by side and see what I mean. If you can’t afford Vendasta or absolutely need one of the solutions in THAT! Company’s Marketplace that others don’t offer, then it’s worth reaching out and getting a demo—otherwise I’d stick with Vendasta.

Recommendation: Best white-label social media management provider

If you’ve been following along, it won’t come as a surprise when I say I recommend Vendasta for your white-label social media management needs.

Vendasta is the only provider I’m aware of that offers both white-label DIY products and fully managed white-glove social media services—as well as gray-labeled services if you don’t need their fully white-labeled option.

Reasons to choose Vendasta:

Add multiple revenue streams to your business through social media management products (rebrandable DIY apps) and services (white-glove fulfillment).

Grow your business without growing your team or expenses. No longer worry about outsourcing social media work overseas to India or the Philippeans where quality may vary. Your reputation is in good hands.

Provide your clients with a convenient “one-stop shop”. Not only can you integrate all your social media management solutions in one place, thereby reducing vendor clutter for your clients—i.e., reducing the number of bills and logins and passwords they have to remember—you can also offer 250+ other white-label products and market them through Vendasta’s all-in-one platform.

Offer a scalable solution that grows as you grow. You don’t need to start at Vendasta’s highest subscription tier. You can even start with “gray label” services (gray-label services = minimal personalized branding) instead of fully white-label services to save $ and test it out before investing fully in white-label services.

I could go on, but those are the main reasons to choose Vendasta. Others aren’t as mature with their features or tend to offer only white-label products or services—not both.

Vendasta is the full-meal deal. Grab a discount and get a demo below, then don’t look back.

Still interested in white-label social media management?

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