Ultimate guide to white-label digital products in 2023

Ultimate guide to white-label digital products, including best sellers, pricing strategies, top Marketplaces, and tips for maximizing margins.

Ultimate guide to white-label digital products in 2023

Ultimate guide to white-label digital products, including best sellers, pricing strategies, top Marketplaces, and tips for maximizing margins.

Good white-label digital products make you look like a God.

Bad white-label digital products make you look like Satan.

How’s an agency owner supposed to know which ones to trust and which ones suck so you’re not dropping nukes on your clients?

white-label digital products meme

Fret not, anxious agency owner. Welcome to a white-label oasis where I’ll break down the top 50 white-label digital products that’ll match your high standards and what to do next. 

This article is for you IF…

✓ You’re looking for white-label digital products that you can sell to small or medium businesses—from local mom and pops to national franchises.

✓ You’re a digital agency owner, managed service provider, or value-added reseller, from a start-up with zero employees all the way up to the Madison Ave club

✓ You want to help your clients across the entire customer lifecycle, from driving awareness to consideration to purchase decisions to renewals.

✓ You want to generate monthly recurring revenue and double digit margins

✓ You want to retain clients longer with digital products that they’ll use on a daily basis

✓ You want to trust your white-label provider and avoid snake oil at all costs

Groovy? Keep reading 👀

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What are white-label digital products?

If you’re on this post, you don’t need me to mansplain white-label products to you.

But for the sake of SEO and humoring Google, what the hell, here’s a definition.

White-label digital products are apps that you can sell under your own brand. Picture Hootsuite or Mailchimp with your logo on it. The beauty, of course, is that these products look like your own tools but you don’t have to hire an army of developers in-house to build or maintain them.

Where can you buy white-label digital products?

If you’re sniffing around for white-label digital products, you have two options.

>> OPTION 1: Directly through software companies

Many software companies allow you to white label their platform directly. You sign up as a reseller, upload your branding, and boom—you’re off to the races.

>> OPTION 2: Use a white-label marketplace

There are marketplaces for everything these days, and white-label digital products are no exception. Marketplace providers allow you to select, provision, fulfill, manage, and promote a wide array of white-label digital products from multiple vendors in one centralized place.

So, what’s better? Direct vs. marketplace?

My opinion: Use a Marketplace.

It’s ok to go direct if you’re only reselling one or two products, but as soon as you get to three or more it becomes a headache to manage all those relationships and contracts—not to mention the logins, client credentials, bills, etc. You want something that scales.

“But what about cost?” you’re wondering. “Isn’t it cheaper to go direct?”

Not always. Marketplaces typically get discounts thanks to economies of scale; plus, the good ones add value by doing the leg work of vetting vendors and creating collateral to help you sell.

What categories of white-label products should I offer?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, but I have tons of opinions (as usual).

Here’s how I think about it.

Picture the customer journey.

Specifically, break it down into the following categories:

Awareness. Findability. Reputation. Conversion. Advocacy.

Each of those stages is a category of products, and within them are subcategories like SEO, PPC, content marketing, website development, social media solutions, and so on.

customer journey diagram

A typical customer journey. Each stage is a category of solutions with subcategories underneath.

Some agencies are experts in one of those categories and cater their offerings as such. Search agencies, social agencies, web agencies, etc.

But there’s a problem with that. When you only focus on one stage of the journey, you ignore the other stages and become vulnerable to agencies that cover the full gamut.

For example, if you’re a PPC agency that doesn’t offer web design, social, or reputation management services, you might be good at running ads and driving eyeballs to your clients’ sites, but if those sites suck, searchers will jump ship and go to the competition, thereby reducing your ROI. You want to offer solutions across the whole spectrum of the customer journey. When it comes to specialization, the better way to do it is by vertical—not product line.

One more angle to consider…

It’s easier to sell painkillers than vitamins.

It’s easier to sell a product that cures someone’s pain than a product that may do some good in the long run but doesn’t offer instant relief.

So ask yourself, what are your clients’ biggest pains?

Are there bad reviews on Yelp repelling people who come across their businesses?

Or maybe the reviews are great, but their listings are wrong and people can’t find them.

Or maybe they could double appointments by adding a scheduler to their sites.

Point is, painkillers can come from any stage of the journey. Find them and cure them first.

Based on my experience selling white-label digital products, I would have told you that SEO and website development are the most popular among local businesses—hands down.

When you look at the data from The State of Martech 2022, you see a more nuanced picture.

most-popular white-label digital products

The State of Martech 2022 from Chiefmartec analyzes a whopping 9,932 software vendors to extract trends in marketing products, providing key insights for white-label resellers

According to this data, the 20 most in-demand digital product categories are the following:

1. Search & social advertising
2. Collaboration (think Google Workspace)
3. Mobile & web analytics
4. Marketing automation
5. Sales automation enablement & intelligence
6. Social media marketing & monitoring
7. Events, meetings & webinars
8. SEO
9. CMS
10. Content marketing
11. Display & programmatic
12. Email marketing
13. Community & reviews
14. Video advertising
15. CRM
16. Dashboards & data visualization
17. Projects & workflow
18. Marketing analytics
19. Video marketing
20. Mobile marketing

What’s interesting is which categories are growing fastest, as seen by the following diagram.

fastest-growing white-label digital products

Fastest growing digital product categories according to The State of Martech 2022 by Chiefmartec.

The largest growth happened in Content & Experience, Commerce & Sales, and Management products—i.e., remote working tools.

Personally, if I was trying to determine which white-label digital products to offer next, I would use the following logic: 1) Define my in-house superpowers and what I’d need to complement them, and 2) Determine where demand is heading per the chart above and go down the list of most popular products.

What are the 50 best selling white-label digital products?

Sadly, there’s no New York Times best seller list for white-label digital products.

That said, we can try to triangulate one.

Take the top white-label Marketplace out there: Vendasta. To my knowledge, Vendasta does the most white-label transactions in the world, with 60k channel partners selling to 5.5M SMBs.

Now. Vendasta has 350+ white-label products, but they only highlight 50 on their website. Common sense says they’re promoting their top-selling offers. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good proxy. So behold, the top 50 digital products from the biggest white-label Marketplace.

Top 50 white-label digital products, listed alphabetically

1 3D Virtual Tours Fully immersed virtual tours. Allow your clients to showcase their property with as-real-as-it-gets 3D virtual tours.
2 ActiveCampaign Email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools to create incredible customer experiences for you and your clients.
3 Ad Builder Technology to rapidly build and deliver multi-format ads at scale
4 AdCellerant | Pre-Roll Video Create pre-roll ads that appear prior to online videos, typically 15-seconds or 30-seconds in length
5 AdCellerant | Targeted Display Deliver ads to your target market programmatically using geographic, categorical, and demographic targeting
6 Advertising Intelligence Google AdWords and Facebook advertising reporting & analysis
7 Alpha SEO Deliver SEO results to grow your clients’ businesses
8 Automated Advertising Automate digital ad efforts with AI-powered traffic acquisition
9 Boostability SEO Boost Your Online Presence. Boost Your Real-World Profits.
10 CalendarHero From video calls to group meetings, CalendarHero is an online meeting scheduling tool that helps automate meeting workflows
11 Constant Contact Powerful email marketing made easy
12 Customer Voice Gather customer feedback via email and SMS
13 Data-Dynamix Permission-based targeted email marketing platform
14 Domain Domains for local businesses
15 Duda Professional web design, copy, and SEO. Unlimited standard changes.
16 EIN Application Make filing EIN applications quick and easy
17 GoDaddy Domains Get domain names from the world’s largest registrar
18 Google Workspace Empower clients to “go Google” and help increase productivity, enhance collaboration, and save time by reselling Google Workspace
19 Graphic Design Services Provide businesses with branded design packages
20 Hike SEO Simplifying SEO for small businesses. Take control of your own SEO by following the tailored and easy-to-complete monthly actions.
21 Listing Sync Pro Establish a presence on more than 40 business listing sites
22 Marketgoo Improve website tracking and Google search ranking
23 Menu Sync Online service & menu listing management
24 Metricool Social media tools to analyze, manage, and measure your social media activity
25 Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 – Your place to create, communicate, collaborate, and get great work done
26 Mono Professional web design, copy, and SEO. Unlimited standard changes.
27 Movylo Engage with customers on autopilot campaigns
28 MyCorporation Easily form an LLC
29 Ochatbot Increase eCommerce sales through an AI Chatbot shopping assistant
30 Overtok Calls Conversion Allow high-intent customers to call directly from a website and keep them engaged longer with calls-to-action before and after the call
31 Pagevamp Create beautiful websites from a Facebook Page instantly
32 PinnacleCart Online store and eCommerce platform designed for growth
33 POWr Website Plugins Complete website toolkit designed to help grow businesses online
34 Professional Store on Wordpress + WooCommerce Ideal for any business that wants to sell products online through WooCommerce
35 Reputation Management White-label reputation management software
36 SEO Network Help clients rank higher for critical keywords
37 SimplyInsured Small business employee insurance
38 Social Marketing Resell social media management under your own brand
39 Spectrio Digital Signage Custom-built CMS that makes it easy to engage, educate, and upsell customers. Digital signage is sleek and user-friendly.
40 SteadyContent Blog posts that are high-quality and unique, with the option of having fully edited content posted directly to your clients’ WordPress sites.
41 SurviveCyber Risk Protection Data breach coverage, threat alerts, information sharing, and access to a community dedicated to cybersecurity.
42 Target Everyone Personalized SMS and email campaigns, mobile-responsive landing pages, and opt-in lists.
43 Trumpia: Automated Text Engagement Complete SMS software with automated engagement. Target text messages with pinpoint accuracy to any audience.
44 VideoBolt Affordable videos with professional spokespeople
45 Voice.Page Increase local search presence with attractive, voice-search optimized landing pages created in seconds from your business information.
46 Website Chatbot 100% white-label chatbot with custom messaging, appointment booking, lead routing, and enhanced customer data
47 Website Optimizer Win more customers with a trouble-free website. Detect bugs, get real-time alerts, and ranking analytics.
48 Website Pro WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform
49 Zenreach Collect contacts and effectively engage customers
50 ZyraTalk Proprietary chat, SMS, Facebook, and review capture tools to generate qualified leads and higher engagement.

Another catalog worth looking through to get an idea of popular products is AppDirect, which has more non-marketing solutions than Vendasta. You can choose a category and sort by popularity. For what it’s worth, they’re currently featuring Google Workspace, IBM MaaS360 with Watson, and IBM Statistics in their main banners.

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How much do white-label digital products cost?

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that white-label product pricing is complicated.

It’s not the Marketplaces’ fault. They’re trying to be flexible and bake in discounts and show you MSRPs and communicate a hundred other data points. But it’s a clusterf$@%!.

So to think I could summarize pricing in one blog post is delusional.

How about this instead: I’ve got access to a full white-label pricing guide and I’ll slip it to you for free. Download it here and dig deeper into wholesale costs, suggested retail pricing, and DIY vs. Do It For Me vs. Do It With Me costs for 350+ white-label digital products.

Ultimate white-label digital products pricing guide for 350+ products and services. Bonus: it’s a slide deck so you don’t have to listen to me ramble on in article form any more.

Who are the top 5 white-label digital products providers?

Here are the top 5 white-label product providers in the biz.

1. Vendasta. With 350+ white-label digital products in its Marketplace, Vendasta has all the solutions you could hope to resell, along with marketing automation tools to help you go to market. You not only get white-label products, you also get functionality you would normally get with HubSpot, Salesforce, Asana, and others—plus an in-house agency that can take on white-label services work if that’s something you want to expand into beyond DIY products.

2. DashClicks. DashClicks offers a platform of both white-label products and services. They’ve got competitive pricing and good reviews. The downsides? Weaker customer service and, when it comes to the fulfillment, I find other providers’ pricing more competitive. There’s a good comparison (albeit somewhat biased because look who wrote it) between them and Vendasta here. Not much more to say.

3. AgencyPlatform. AgencyPlatform offers both a platform of white-label apps and services, as well as dozens of other white-label solutions. In my experience, however, they don’t come up nearly as often as Vendasta and DashClicks, which tend to be the leaders in this category. If you look at their website, you can probably tell why. They don’t have the level of investment and polish as other providers.

4. AppDirect. AppDirect calls itself a “subscription commerce platform” and tends to target large enterprise companies, MSPs, VARs, and franchises. They also go beyond martech to offer more sophisticated infrastructure, customer identity, data visualization, and billing features, which are beyond what the average agency needs for its clientele. If you’re in need of an advanced commerce platform or a specific product in their B2B Marketplace that others don’t have, give them a call, otherwise it’s probably not worth it.

5. Going Direct. The last on this list isn’t a company—it’s the option of going direct instead of going through a Marketplace. As mentioned before, it’s ok to go direct if you’re only reselling one or two products, but as soon as you get to multiple products it becomes a headache to manage the different relationships, logins, credentials, bills, etc. Also, cost isn’t always better going direct due to economies of scale through Marketplaces. For these reasons, I don’t recommend going direct.

Recommendation: Best white-label digital products provider

Ok, don’t roll your eyes. You know what’s coming.

I recommend Vendasta as the best provider of white-label digital products, hands down.

Vendasta is the only provider I’m aware of that offers both white-label DIY products and fully managed white-label digital services for resellers of any size.

Reasons to choose Vendasta:

Add multiple revenue streams to your business through social media management products (rebrandable DIY apps) and services (white-glove fulfillment).

Grow your business without growing your team or expenses. No longer worry about outsourcing social media work overseas to India or the Philippeans where quality may vary. Your reputation is in good hands.

Provide your clients with a convenient “one-stop shop”. Not only can you integrate all your social media management solutions in one place, thereby reducing vendor clutter for your clients—i.e., reducing the number of bills and logins and passwords they have to remember—you can also offer 250+ other white-label products and market them through Vendasta’s all-in-one platform.

Offer a scalable solution that grows as you grow. You don’t need to start at Vendasta’s highest subscription tier. You can even start with “gray label” services (gray label services = minimal personalized branding) instead of fully white-label services to save $ and test it out before investing fully in white-label services.

I could go on, but those are the main reasons to choose Vendasta. Others aren’t as mature with their features or tend to offer only white-label products or services—not both.

Vendasta is the full-meal deal. Grab a discount and get a demo below.

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