Jackpot! White-label WordPress development for agency owners

Ultimate guide to white-label WordPress development for digital agencies, including popular services, pricing, discounts, vendors, and more.

Jackpot! White-label WordPress development for agency owners

Ultimate guide to white-label WordPress development for digital agencies, including popular services, pricing, discounts, vendors, and more.

So you wanna build websites for small and medium businesses?

I don’t blame you. There’s a lot of money to be made, considering, you know, most local business websites are a mountain of triceratops diarrhea.

white-label wordpress development meme

“That is one big pile of shit.” —Dr. Ian Malcolm after visiting 90% of local business websites

Honestly. It’s the easiest sale your agency can make. Every business needs a good site.

Plus, websites are “sticky”. Not in the diarrhea sense (ugh, now I can’t get that out of my head), but in the sense that customers stay around longer after you’ve built one for them.

And the best part? You don’t have to be a web developer or even hire one. All you have to do is find a good white-label WordPress provider. That’s why we’re here. Let’s get started.

This article is for you if...

✓ You’re looking for a white-label WordPress agency to develop solid sites for your clients

✓ You want to help your clients not lose out to competition with better sites

✓ You want to generate recurring revenue from white-label WordPress development

✓ You want to keep clients around longer with foundational products like websites

✓ You don’t trust outsourcing your clients’ WordPress sites overseas or to unproven freelancers on Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Kosher? L’chaim! Let’s dig in.

Bottom line upfront: Just use Vendasta

If you’re looking for white-label WordPress provider, I strongly recommend Vendasta. (There, I saved you 20 minutes reading the article. Y’welcome.)

I can vouch for Vendasta’s team 100%. They offer the best white-label services at price points that work for any budget. Great for new and established agencies alike.

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OK, back to the article. Just don’t forget to circle back and grab the discount before you go.

What is white-label WordPress development?

White-label WordPress development is when a third-party agency creates websites for your clients on your behalf. I.e., someone else does the work and you get to take credit. Great for agencies without expertise in web development or those wanting to scale.

Why use white-label WordPress development?

The list of reasons for using a white-label WordPress provider is long. Here are the top ones:

→ Kick-off website projects as soon as they’re ordered. Waste no time fulfilling. Instead of having to get organized internally or wait for resources to free up, your white-label fulfillment team is already on it and can scale up or down as needed.

→ Fulfill website projects transparently. Good white-label providers are good communicators. They show you and your clients updates of what’s happening at each stage so no one is left wondering where projects are at.

→ Do more with fewer staff. Stop worrying about hiring. With white-label WordPress agencies you don’t need incremental staff to create and manage sites. Outsourced creation lets you focus on finding new clients and building your business.

→ Generate monthly recurring revenue. Websites are the gateway drugs of digital products. Once you’ve sold a client a website, you can upsell them on solutions that compliment their site, from hosting and SEO tools to chatbots, email marketing, etc.

→ Become a full-service agency. If you specialize in areas not related to web development, such as social media management or PPC, white-label WordPress development will allow you to expand your offering and become a full-service agency. Don’t lose out on deals based on the local competition offering more.

How does white-label WordPress development work?

From initial mocks to launched pages, you want a white-label WordPress provider that treats each project uniquely and makes your clients happy.

To go beyond cookie-cutter sites, the best providers follow a process like the following:

Step 1: Consultation Call. The white-label WordPress agency conducts an initial consultation to gather the information needed to build your client’s site.

Step 2: First mock. You’ll receive a preliminary mock, including branding and content.

Step 3: Revisions and subsequent mocks. Depending on the provider and subscription tier, you may get one or more rounds of revisions. From there, the white-label agency team will build the site and complete the content. You review and provide feedback before launch.

Step 4: Launch. Once final revisions are complete, the provider finishes the website and aligns with you in terms of when it should go live.

Not rocket science, right? It’s obviously more involved than that but those are highlights.

White-label WordPress development pricing

White-label WordPress development pricing depends on many factors.

Some pricing factors include:

  • How many pages is the website?
  • Is the website a new build vs. import?
  • How much custom development is required?
  • How much copy needs to be written?
  • How much design needs to be developed?
  • Does the client require regular ongoing support?
  • Are there regular blog posts or content updates required?
  • Does the website need to be compliant with particular industries?

Here’s an example of white-label WordPress pricing from one of the top providers, Vendasta. You can see wholesales costs—aka what you pay—as well as suggested retail prices.

Sample pricing for white-label WordPress development from Vendasta. Download full white-label pricing here.

If those suggested retail prices look juicy, just know that I’ve seen agencies charge triple or quadruple those amounts. Depends entirely on your vertical and brand. Sky’s the limit.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into pricing, get the full white-label pricing guide here.

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Top 5 mistakes to avoid with white-label WordPress development

If I had a nickel for every white-label WordPress development mistake I’ve seen, I’d have enough to buy WordPress itself. Here are the five most common ones.

Survey says…

1. Too cookie cutter. Too. Many. WordPress. Sites. Are. Too. Cookie. Cutter. (Is that punctuated enough?) Good white-label providers have industry-specific designs that they can then customize to your clients’ needs. Uniqueness matters.

2. Vague requirements. The more vague you are with design requirements upfront, the unhappier you’ll be with the end result. Be as clear as possible at the brief stage to avoid results you aren’t happy with.

3. Embarrassing errors. Typos, grammar flubs, incorrect schema. I hate to generalize, but these easy-to-spot mistakes are usually the result of going with overseas providers in India, the Philippeans, etc. Personally I prefer websites developed closer to home to avoid errors that would be spotted by someone local.

4. Not sweating the small stuff. Bad whiite-label developers are essentially website factories churning out content with no eye for detail. You want someone who will cross the “t”s and dot the “i”s. They’ll make sure the links are working, the business hours match Google My Business, the forms are wired up correctly, and so forth.

5. No transparency. Mentioned before but bears repeating: good white-label WordPress developers are good communicators. They show community consistent updates of what’s happening at each stage of development so no one is left wondering where projects are at.

Who are the top white-label WordPress development providers?

The best white-label WordPress development providers don’t pump out cheap work.

They listen to your clients’ wishes and develop sites that feel unique. Plus, they’ve got years of experience and a portfolio of stellar work. Here’s my shortlist.

Vendasta. Vendasta is a white-label platform with over 250+ re-sellable solutions. Their bread and butter of agency services? White-label WordPress development. Their website team is based in North America, and their work is second to none. Plus, the biggest benefit with Vendasta is that you get access to more than just website development. You’ll get a ton of bells and whistles to go to market and promote your agency with pre-made marketing automation campaigns and lead generation tools, too, so if you’re in need of more than just websites, you’ll definitely want to check out their white-label Marketplace.

→ UnlimitedWP. UnlimitedWP specializes in white-label WordPress development and offers the best website building services for agencies and freelancers, hands down. Most impressively, they provide *unlimited* development tasks for a fixed monthly rate. Unlimited! There are also add-ons for maintenance, SEO, and speed optimization, all of which are white labeled so you can sell them under your own brand. UnlimitedWP won’t interact directly with your clients, so there’s no risk of someone saying something you’ll have to apologize for later, but they will crank out sites big and small, allowing you to focus on selling while they take care of fulfillment. The biggest difference between UnlimitedWP and other white-label WordPress development providers? With other providers, you’re typically limited to smaller tasks, whereas with UnlimitedWP you can have developers dedicated to you daily helping with anything WordPress. Small and medium-sized tasks typically have a 24-48 hour turnaround, while full site builds can take longer. Pricing starts at $497 per month and depends on how many hours you need per day. For a deeper dive into UnlimitedWP, check out this detailed breakdown.

White Label Agency. The White Label Agency is exactly what it sounds like: a white-label agency for WordPress development. They operate like your agency’s back office and can build sites off any layered design you want to send them, from Photoshop to Adobe XD to Illustrator etc. They have fixed-price quotes and 90-day guarantees, which are nice, but they don’t offer anything beyond website development, so if you’re looking to scale your business into other white-label solutions, you may want to look elsewhere.

→ Veza Digital. Veza is focused on providing a team of white-label WordPress developers that you can plug into your own team under your own brand. They cover all of the usual suspects, from design mockups to copywriting to ongoing management, and, unlike White-Label Agency, they offer more than just web dev services. They also offer SEO, PPC management, email marketing, growth marketing and more. They’re a strong platform, but personally, I think Vendasta has the edge when it comes to robustness of features and the ability to go to market.

Recommendation: Best white-label WordPress development provider

This probably won’t come as a surprise when I recommend Vendasta for your white-label WordPress development needs. Here’s why…

Reasons to choose Vendasta:

Quality of work. I’ve seen first-hand how Vendasta builds beautiful WordPress sites for small and medium businesses quickly and at scale. Proof is in the pudding.

Transparency. Vendasta’s service and project management software not only automates the fulfillment process, but it gives you and your clients minute-by-minute updates and seamless integration with sales orders. Waiting on graphics from Sally? Or maybe Johnny needs to connect the new domain? Wherever your project is at, everything is transparently updated through the web agency platform.

Give your clients a “one-stop shop”. Not only can you provide white-label WordPress development through Vendasta, you can also offer 250+ other white-label products, from PPC to social media management to hundreds of others.

Offer a scalable solution that grows as you grow. You don’t need to start at Vendasta’s highest subscription tier. You can even start with “gray label” services (gray label services = minimal personalized branding) instead of fully white-label services to save $ and test it out before investing fully in white-label services.

I could go on, but those are the main reasons to choose Vendasta. Others just aren’t as mature with their services or don’t offer the same quality or transparency.

Vendasta is the full-meal deal. Grab a discount and get a demo below, then don’t look back.

Still interested in white-label WordPress development?

Excellent. Get up to $1,200 off from the best white-label provider in the biz, Vendasta.


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