Ultimate guide to local SEO reseller solutions: Providers, pricing, & more

Everything you need to know about local SEO reseller solutions, from products and services to pricing, providers, discounts, and more.

Ultimate guide to local SEO reseller solutions: Providers, pricing, & more

Everything you need to know about local SEO reseller solutions, from products and services to pricing, providers, discounts, and more.

Every business wants to be #1 on Google—and they’ll pay handsomely for it.

That’s why, in my experience, local SEO is in the top 3 best-selling products alongside white-label website development and PPC management services.

And even though no one can guarantee SERP results, many white-label providers would have you believe their tools are the best thing since Web 2.0. These local SEO reseller solutions range from white-hat to black-hat to everything in-between, so let’s uncover the truth. ¡Avansa!

local SEO reseller banner of white-hat vs. black-hat SEO cartoon

From white-hat to gray-hat to black-hat, there's no shortage of local SEO reseller providers ready to hawk you solutions. Keep reading to find out which ones are trustworthy and which to avoid.

This article is for you IF…

✓ You want local SEO reseller products that you can sell to local businesses

✓ You want to resell local SEO reseller services, including keyword research, content creation, web design, link building, and more to local businesses

✓ You want to help your clients show up organically at the top of the SERPs

✓ You want to generate recurring revenue from local SEO reseller solutions

✓ You want to retain clients longer with products they’ll use on a daily basis

✓ You don’t trust outsourcing SEO work to India, the Philippeans, or questionable freelancers on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Kosher? Great. Keep reading. But first, let me save you some time…

Bottom line upfront: Just use Vendasta

If you’re looking for local SEO reseller solutions, I recommend using Vendasta. (There, I saved you 15 mins reading the rest of this post. You’re welcome.)

They’re based in North America, not overseas, and they offer the best white-label SEO solutions at price points that work for any budget.

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What is a local SEO reseller?

A local SEO reseller is someone who sells rebrandable SEO solutions to small and medium businesses to help them rank well on search engines like Google.

The solutions that local SEO resellers offer fall into two categories: products and services.

Local SEO products are apps that you can rebrand and sell to local businesses. Think The Hoth or Yext or Ahrefs with your logo on it.

Local SEO services are the likes of link building, content creation, and listings management, which are outsourced by a third-party under your brand.

The benefit of being a local SEO reseller is that you can offer SEO products and services without having to write code, hire specialists in-house, or even be an SEO expert yourself.

Why does this matter? Because SEO is one of the most in-demand white-label offerings. It can improve your margins, create stickier relationships with clients, and help you scale.

What are the top 10 local SEO reseller products and services?

SEO is the combination of many elements working together to rank well on search engines.

Some of these elements include web design, keyword research, content creation, backlink building, social media signals, listings and reputation management, and more.

If you want to provide a comprehensive local SEO reseller offering, I would strongly consider the following 10 white-label solutions. Some may be more obvious than others.

1. Website design. Many local businesses’ websites suck. They’re old, they’re slow. They’re not mobile-friendly. They don’t use SSL certificates. All of these and more are known ranking factors of search engines. Since you can’t put lipstick on a pig and expect it to rank, the first thing you may want to offer is a new site build or significant refresh.

2. Hosting. Similar to web design, hosting is a foundational aspect of a website that impacts its speed and stability—two major ranking factors. It’s wise to choose a white-label provider who lets you offer premium hosting as part of your packages.

3. Keyword research & tracking. Keywords are the building blocks of SEO. Any product or service you intend on offering should have both keyword research and keyword tracking capabilities built in.

4. Content. The results you’re delivering to clients are only as good as the content you’re producing for them. If content creation is a service you’re offering—and it should be—you need to ensure your white-label SEO provider can generate engaging content free from grammatical mistakes and other errors. Review samples ahead of time and shell out extra $ if need be for top-tier writers when appropriate.

5. Backlink building. You can publish the best content in the world but unless you’re building backlinks to it, chances are it won’t rank well or drive traffic. You need to have a backlink building service that can effectively generate backlinks from trusted sources and not penalize sites with sketchy PBNs or low-quality referrers.

6. Social media management. Social media has become a significant ranking signal search engines consider. Even though it’s not the first thought an SEO might have, many agencies offer social media management services to increase their share of wallet from clients and use it to play into their SEO strategy.

7. Google My Business optimization. When selling to local businesses, Google My Business should be a top priority of any local SEO reseller. And good news! There are many white-label providers who can help create and optimize GMB profiles, generate positive reviews (which helps profiles rank higher), and improve traffic from listings.

8. Listings management. Online listings are a critical-yet-often-overlooked area of local SEO. You want to make sure that NAP (name, address, phone number) data is consistent and accurate across as many directories and listings sites as possible. Doing this one by one is time consuming and difficult. Instead, you can offer clients a variety of listings management products or white-glove services that correct ALL of their listings with the click of a button. It’s an easy sell.

9. Digital plumbing set-up. “Digital plumbing” is the umbrella term I use for hooking up all of a client’s technical SEO stuff under the hood. For example, some local SEO reseller providers can help your clients get the right SEO plugins and pixels installed, set up Tag Manager and Google Analytics, configure Search Console properly, etc.

10. Technical SEO. For larger clients with sprawling sites, it may be worth offering more technical SEO services. It’s possible to find a provider who can consult on site architecture, internal linking, broken redirects, site map changes, Robots.txt improvements, etc. but this isn’t common among the local business space. Still, it could be worth having a referral relationship in place for when it comes up.

Are there more than these 10 solutions that a local seo reseller can offer? Sure. But in my experience, these are the big ones. Leave any of them out at your own risk.

Local SEO reseller diagram of SEO services

SEO isn’t a single solution. It’s a strategy that includes many elements, from a healthy website and good content to building backlinks, keyword research, managing social signals, and more.

What should a local SEO audit look like?

One of the best ways to sell SEO packages is through providing prospects with an audit.

SEO audits help you personalize your sales conversations and engage on a personal level through highlighting opportunities with a detailed analysis of a website’s performance.

Your audit should focus on the following metrics:

  • Local search results vs. competitors’ search results
  • Number of keywords ranked in top 10
  • Monthly value of search traffic to help translate clicks into value
  • Accuracy and consistency of online listings across key directories
  • Website health metrics, such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, SSL, etc.
  • Online review scores vs. competitors on Google My Business and social networks

Here’s a sample of an SEO audit generated by Vendasta’s Snapshot Report tool.

Local SEO reseller site audit Snapshot Report

Example of an SEO audit, which a local SEO reseller could provide to prospects during their sales cycle. This example is from Vendasta’s Snapshot Report, built to help agencies with lead gen. Here’s the full sample report.

This example includes only a few of the areas you’d want to include in a full audit—but at least it’s a taste. Take it for a test drive. Go to the Snapshot Report page, scroll down to the section that says “Try creating a Snapshot Report right now”, and fill out the form.

Bottom line: Good site audits help you build trust as a local SEO expert. When choosing a white-label provider, go with one that can help you scale your auditing process—preferably with automated solutions like the Snapshot Report above.

Pricing your local SEO reseller products

Content, link building, web design, listings management—how much does all of this cost?

The answer, of course, is the always-infuriating “It depends.”

But rather than piss you off and talk vaguely about pricing, I want to give you some meat.

So here is a real pricing sheet from one of the top local SEO providers, Vendasta. You can see their wholesale costs at different subscription tiers (Scale vs. Growth vs. Startup), as well as suggested retail pricing in order to get a sense of margins per solution.

Local SEO reseller product pricing list from Vendasta

Pricing for local SEO reseller solutions from Vendasta. These are just some of the white-label SEO apps in their Marketplace. For more pricing information, download the full white-label pricing deck.

Obligatory note #1: Everything above is subject to change. I am not updating this post regularly; I am simply illustrating how white-label providers present products and pricing to local SEO resellers. If you want current pricing, get a demo by dropping your email in the form at the end of this article.

Obligatory note #2: Reseller pricing is in your control. You don’t have to follow MSRPs. I’ve seen agencies charge triple or quadruple the suggested pricing above. Depends on your vertical and the strength of your agency’s positioning and sales acumen. That said, you’ll notice most of these prices are palatable for small and medium businesses. That’s important to keep in mind as a reseller, as you’re not offering SEO solutions to enterprises with enormous budgets. Avoid getting too greedy and keep local business budgets in mind.

Hungry for more pricing info? Download the full white-label pricing deck here. Includes nitty-gritty details like discounts and suggested retail pricing for both products and services.

Pricing your local SEO reseller services

Similar to local SEO products, local SEO services can be grouped into subcategories like GMB claiming, listings management, web design, content creation, link building, and more.

Here are sample rate cards for some of these white-label services that your agency could turn around and resell to your clients. Again, this is just to illustrate how one white-label provider presents this info to agencies.

Local SEO reseller services pricing list from Vendasta

Pricing for local SEO reseller services from Vendasta. Includes white-glove fulfillment from certified professionals. For more pricing information, download the full white-label pricing deck.

I realize there is a lot to digest here. If all these products and services are overwhelming, don’t worry. I recommend getting a demo from someone who can tour you through the relevant solutions and show the ROI. Enter your email below to book a demo directly and get a discount up to $1,500 if you decide to go through with it. It’s worth the call.

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Who are the top 5 local SEO reseller providers?

I consider the top 5 local SEO reseller providers the following.

1. Vendasta. Vendasta provides 250+ white-label products and services to digital agencies and media companies. In addition to local SEO reseller solutions—including web development, link building, content creation, listings management, and more—they have DIY SEO products you can sell for higher margins, as well as marketing automation solutions to help you go to market.

2. DashClicks. DashClicks is similar to Vendasta, offering both a platform of white-label apps as well as fulfillment services. They’ve got competitive pricing, solid reviews, and strong positioning. The downsides? Weaker customer service and, when it comes to the fulfillment, I find other providers’ pricing more competitive. There’s a good comparison between them and Vendasta here.

3. AgencyPlatform. AgencyPlatform offers both a platform of white-label SEO apps and services, as well as dozens of other white-label solutions. In my experience, however, they don’t come up nearly as often as Vendasta and DashClicks, which tend to be the leaders in this category. If you look at their website, you can probably tell why. They don’t have the level of investment and polish as other providers.

4. SEOReseller. SEOReseller is a slightly misleading name, as they offer more than just SEO solutions, but their overall focus on SEO is different from the others on this list. When it comes to local SEO specifically, they claim to have a “​​proprietary algorithm to rank local search results, taking into account the knowledge of business information from various sources”. I’m not 100% sure what that means, but they’re a trusted name in the space and worth investigating.

5. White Shark Media. White Shark provides solid white-label SEO services for agencies serving local businesses. They focus on site audits, link building, content, and SEO strategy, but they do not offer white-label apps and DIY products. For that reason, I would favor the other providers on this list—as apps help expand your “basket size” and upsell clients when you have both products and services in your arsenal. If all you need are services, though, it’s worth looking into White Shark.

Recommendation: Best local SEO reseller provider

I’ll cut to the chase. The best local SEO reseller provider is Vendasta, hands down.

While DashClicks is the closest runner up, no one can compete with Vendasta’s holistic Marketplace of 250+ best-in-class white-label products and services, their platform of marketing automation and lead generation tools, and their in-house services.

Reasons to choose Vendasta:

Improve customer acquisition through a suite of curated SEO solutions. Vendasta’s rebrandable DIY apps and white-glove services include some of the most effective SEO providers in the world, including Net Success, Marketgoo, The Hoth, and others.

Grow your business without growing your expenses. Don’t worry about outsourcing SEO work overseas where quality may vary. Your reputation is in good hands.

Show value—automatically. With Vendasta’s automated reporting, you can keep clients up-to-date. They can log in to their business portal to view automated SEO reports.

Automated SEO audits for lead gen. With Vendasta, you can automate your SEO auditing process and use these reports as part of your acquisition strategy. Save countless hours creating custom audits and focus on selling and fulfillment.

Compliment your SEO offering with best-in-class products. Vendasta’s Marketplace allows you to branch out from a traditional SEO offering to hundreds of other solutions. Add digital advertising, reputation management services, social products, and more.

I could go on, but those are the main reasons to choose Vendasta. Other providers just aren’t as mature or tend to offer only white-label products or services—not both.

Vendasta is the full-meal deal. Grab a discount and get a demo below, then don’t look back.

Still interested in local SEO reseller solutions?

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