Vendasta Pricing: Demystified! Complete Guide for 2022

The following is a comprehensive look at Vendasta pricing. For more information, refer to Vendasta: Uncensored! A complete guide and honest review from their ex-head of marketing

Vendasta Pricing: Demystified! Complete Guide for 2022

The following is a comprehensive look at Vendasta pricing. For more information, refer to Vendasta: Uncensored! A complete guide and honest review from their ex-head of marketing

Vendasta’s pricing is listed publicly on their website; however, if you’ve scrolled through it you probably have questions. That’s where this article comes in.

I’m going to describe Vendasta pricing in plain English and offer tips for maximizing value.

Bonus: if you’re looking for a discount, I can also help with that. Keep scrolling.

Vendasta Pricing: Overview

Here are the six main components of Vendasta pricing. We’ll dig deeper into each component, but it’s worth reviewing them upfront. Consider this the CliffsNotes version.

1. Subscriptions. Subscriptions range from $49/mo. to $1,150/mo. There’s a Free tier, but it’s bare bones and it won’t suit your needs long term. You can save up to 25% on subscriptions by paying annually on 1-3 year plans.

2. Onboarding fees. All tiers beyond Free and Startup have onboarding fees ranging from $750 to $1,500 unless you’re paying annually, in which case they will wave the onboarding.

3. Seats. Seats are for individual people at your company who will be able to use Vendasta, including salespeople, marketers, fulfillment professionals, and administrators. There are a certain number of seats included that vary depending on your subscription, and extras are available for $49/mo. per seat.

4. Product costs. Every product or service you resell through Vendasta has a wholesale cost that you can mark up however you want. The higher your subscription tier, the better discounts you get. Also, the more volume you bring in, the better your margins.

5. Prospecting & email usage. To help you market your company to potential clients, Vendasta includes two different prospecting tools with every subscription: Snapshot Reports and Local Business Online Toolkits. (More on those later; just understand that you get a certain number of each included with your subscription and you can purchase more if needed.) You also get a certain number of email sends from their marketing automation system, ranging from 2,500 to 250,000 emails per month.

6. Add-ons & Professional Services. A lot of Vendasta partners buy add-ons like strategy sessions and new websites for their own company. For organizations needing technical assistance with APIs and SSO, that is also available.

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Vendasta Pricing: Subscriptions

Here is a summary of Vendasta’s subscriptions. This is what Vendasta pricing works out to monthly, but remember multi-year plans are billed annually.

Monthly1-year plan2-year plan3-year plan
Startup$97/mo.$42/mo.Not available in 2-year plansNot available in 3-year plans
PremiumOnly available annually$1,500/mo.$1,500/mo.$1,500/mo.

Think of your subscription as your cost of entry—your hard cost—whereas the costs of the products and services you white label are variable, which we’ll cover in a bit. Once you’re earning more than the cost of your subscription, you’re profitable and off to the races.

Which subscription is best for you? Read my full Vendasta review for a detailed response here, but long story short I think most businesses should start with the annual Growth plan. That gives you access to white-label products + grey-labelled services, saves you $750 on onboarding, unlocks 20x more monthly email sends than the tier below it, and gives you enough time to ramp up and become successful with the platform. It’s the best value if you can swing it. If you’re a larger business with 50+ employees, or you need fully white-label marketing services (not grey-label), you’ll want to consider the Scale or Premium plans.

Vendasta Pricing: Onboarding Fees

Software companies really want you to pay annually. It’s incredibly good for their economics and it helps to reduce churn, of which they’re deathly afraid.

Vendasta is no exception. Their main incentive for getting you to pay annually is to eliminate onboarding fees for all annual plans. If you insist on paying monthly instead, it will cost you: $750 for the Growth plan and $1,500 for Scale. For this reason—plus the fact that Vendasta isn’t something you usually “try out” for a few months, as it’s often the backbone of a business’s go-to-market strategy—it’s wisest to go annual 99% of the time. No sense being half pregnant.

Vendasta Pricing: Seats

Seats can be used by salespeople, marketers, fulfillment professionals, administrators, or anyone else who will be using Vendasta at your company. Each subscription plan comes with a certain number of seats included: Startup: 1, Growth: 10, Scale: 15, and Premium: 50.

How many seats do you need? If you’re just getting started or it’s only you in your business, you’ll only need one seat, so technically you could get by on the Startup subscription. (Per my comments earlier, I still recommend the Growth plan over the Startup plan for other reasons.) What’s nice is if you need more seats, you can always purchase them for $49 each. That’s why seats alone aren’t really a subscription-deciding factor.

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Vendasta Pricing: Product Costs

Here’s where things get juicy: wholesale costs for Vendasta’s resellable apps and services.

Current prices for all products can be found in the Vendasta Marketplace. Simply sign up for a free trial and click Marketplace > Discover Products to see everything that you can resell, along with prices at different subscription levels and Vendasta’s suggested retail price.

vendasta pricing marketplace

Vendasta Marketplace shows pricing at your current subscription tier (first red box) compared to pricing at other tiers (second red box) and suggested retail price (third red box).

The products for which you can get discounts at higher subscription tiers are highlighted in green in the “Compare” column. This is what they’re referring to on the Vendasta pricing page when they say “Up to 15% / 45% / 65% off”.

vendasta pricing discounts

Remember that these discounts apply to many products, but not all. Again, check the Vendasta Marketplace for current pricing.

How should you determine retail pricing? As far as suggested retail pricing, consider Vendasta’s recommendations good starting points—just make sure you test, test, test. I’ve seen one agency charge $30/mo. while another charged $300/mo. for the exact same solution. Crazy! Position your offering carefully. Are you after volume? Are you targeting high-ticket verticals like dentists and doctors or lower-ticket verticals like pet stores and salons? What does the local market expect? Your go-to-market should determine your pricing strategy.

Vendasta Pricing: Prospecting & Email Usage

One of the sections on the Vendasta pricing page is labelled “Sales & Marketing”.

What you want to pay attention to most in this section are the first three lines: Snapshot Reports, Local Business Online Toolkits, and Campaign Sends.

vendasta pricing sales and marketing

These are your secret weapons for lead generation and marketing your products and services.

Basically, they’re all prospecting tools to help you generate new clients and upsell existing ones through automation and pre-built campaigns. If you want all the details, read my full Vendasta review. For now, just know that more is better.

You can always purchase more Snapshots and Toolkits as you go, but in my opinion this is another reason to choose Growth over Startup. Five Snapshots and Toolkits is nothing, and you’ll find yourself wanting more—especially if you could use help with lead gen.

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Vendasta Pricing: Add-ons & Professional Services

Vendasta offers the following three add-ons: agency websites ($360/one time + $47/mo.), strategic consulting ($150 per session), and additional markets ($250/mo. per market).

vendasta pricing add-ons

Agency websites: If you want to have Vendasta build a website for your own business, that’s an option. (I mean, I have my own opinions about marketers who need someone else to make them a site, but hey, to each their own.) The benefits are they’re fast and the sites look good.

Strategy consultations: I recommend partner strategy consultations to almost everyone. Vendasta is a robust platform that can feel intimidating, especially at the start. Having a qualified Partner Development Manager guide you through strategic planning and implementation is a godsend.

Additional markets: As for additional markets, chances are you won’t need these unless you’re a larger business or enterprise, so most people don’t have to worry about them.

💡 Vendasta Pricing: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips about Vendasta’s pricing you don’t want to miss.

Marketing Services are only available at the Growth ($575/mo.) and Scale ($1,150/mo.) tiers. That means if you want Vendasta to do any fulfillment work, like building websites or posting on social for your clients, you’ll pay $575/mo. to access grey-label services (i.e., fulfillment that contains minimal personalized branding) or $1,150/mo. for fully white-labeled services (i.e., fulfillment done 100% with your company’s branding). Remember: those are only subscription costs. You still need to pay for the actual services.

Snapshot Reports cost $2 each, beyond those included in your subscription. A lot of people complain they should be free. On the other hand, some agencies position them as premium assessments and make serious bank. Here’s an agency owner explaining how she charges $349 for a $2 Snapshot Report.

Longer contracts save you a lot of money. A 3-year plan saves 25%. All annual contracts come with the benefit of no onboarding fees.

Referrals are a good way to offset costs. Vendasta doesn’t pay per lead, but you can earn up to 40% recurring revenue per new partner you refer. Sign up to become an affiliate partner here and start earning commissions today.

Over the years, Vendasta has created calculators that show how much you can make in various scenarios. The most recent version can be found halfway down their platform page.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. The best way to get pricing on individual products is to sign up for a free account and check out the solutions directly or contact a salesperson.

Vendasta Pricing: Bottom Line

Vendasta pricing has a lot of factors, from subscriptions and onboarding fees to seats, product costs, add-ons, and more. Personally, I recommend the annual Growth package to most small and mid-sized agencies, while larger businesses may benefit from the Scale and Premium tiers.

Whatever plan you go with, the goal is simple: make more money selling products through Vendasta than your subscription and you’re golden. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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About the Author

Devon Hennig was Director of Marketing and VP of Demand Generation at Vendasta from 2012 to 2020. He is now VP of Marketing for Docebo (Nasdaq: DCBO). If you have any questions about Vendasta pricing, email him here.

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