Discover how I've used video to generate tens of millions in pipeline for companies like Salesforce,, and more.

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Discover how I've used video to generate tens of millions in pipeline for companies like Salesforce,, and more.

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Three reasons you should take Youtube seriously


Organic, high-intent searches are happening on Youtube right now

Not only is Youtube the second biggest search engine, but Youtube results show up above most other results in Google. If you want your brand to show up first, you need to take video seriously.


Your competitors suck at video, giving you a chance to own it

Video is hard, and producing great video work is even harder. Chances are, your competitors suck at it and this is an opportunity to get ahead and own an entire growth channel.


Positive videos protect your brand and improve your win rates

Video plays a crucial part in the buyer journey. If someone mid-sales-cycle sees bad video reviews, they'll go running. Conversely, good videos can improve win rates and accelerate deals.

Hello, my name is

Devon Hennig

I’m passionate about helping SaaS companies generate pipeline with video. As someone who has created Youtube series for Salesforce,, and others, I’m confident it can work for most software companies.

  • $30M+ in revenue generated w/ video
  • 10+ years in marketing & video production
  • 2x VP Marketing @ billion-dollar companies

Here's what you get when we work together

Video Production for Demand Generation


Full series covering product highlights, alternatives, and reviews.


Review all content and provide input to maintain desired positioning.


Decide which landing pages and CTAs you want to send traffic to.


Videos published on third-party channel to strengthen brand

Don't wait! Generate more leads and pipeline with video today

Given my experience producing high-value video series for SaaS companies like Salesforce and, I’m confident we can generate more pipeline and begin improving your win rates with Youtube today. The best part? From the moment we get started to when everything’s complete can be as little as 4 weeks. Don’t hesitate, as my availability is filling up fast. Let’s get started now.

Frequently asked questions

The video strategies described on this page can work for nearly all SaaS businesses, from series A to public companies. The ones that see the most immediate impact are those with existing search traffic, as their brand already has prospects searching for it and considering it in their buyer journey. That’s not to say smaller or newer companies can’t benefit from video, but the approach may have to be adjusted.

I typically avoid working with brand-new start-ups and software companies that have yet to find product-market fit or have zero existing search traffic.

Videos help improve your sales team’s win rate in many ways. One of the most common is to combat bad or neutral reviews that are already on Youtube. Remember: if a prospect sees bad video reviews, they tend to weigh those more than bad text reviews, so you want to publish as many positive video reviews as possible to push the negative ones down in Youtube’s algorithm.

Other ways you can use video to improve your win rates are to include them in nurturing campaigns, promote them to in-cycle prospects, light up old accounts with fresh content, and enable sellers and POCs to send them to decision-makers.

No. If there are no videographers or editors currently on your marketing team, don’t worry. When working together, I take care of all phases of video production, from pre-production to post-production.

When I work with SaaS companies, my goal is to complete video production within four weeks. This timeline will depend on how fast your side is with reviewing content and providing sign-off. I’ve seen entire series get completed in 2 weeks and some take 2 months. The faster your side is, the faster we can get the videos ranking and producing results.

Great. The next step is to set up a call so we can go over your specific needs, pricing, production schedules, and more. To do that, please drop me a line at with your availability.