Product Hunt Launch Formula

Credit: Josh Fechter, BAMF Bible

“Product Hunt is where MVPs and startups go to die or thrive.”

So starts Josh Fechter’s post on how he launched the #1 ebook on Product Hunt—ever. There’s no point rehashing the strategy here since Josh does a perfect job explaining it himself, so check it out on his website.

Here are the main steps:

  1. Involve contributors who can help promote your product
  2. Market through all of your channels
  3. Find a Hunter who can publish your product and promote it
  4. Oil the hype-train with pre-announcements
  5. Incorporate the launch with the rest of your funnel
  6. Celebrate to create FOMO
  7. Drive engagements back to Product Hunt

“If you launch successfully on Product Hunt,” Fechter says, “you can get thousands of subscribers and customers. If done wrong, you’ll realize you never had a product people wanted or took the time to build an audience.”

P.S. If you want to find Product Hunt’s top Hunters, go to 500 Hunters. Here’s a list of their Twitter profiles, which you can follow with Mass Follow for Twitter.