Powerlikes and Engagement Pods

Credit: Zach Benson, Assistagram

Powerlikes are likes and comments from a network of large accounts (usually with at least 20k followers, but as high as 100k+) as soon as your post goes live.

The idea is to use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage.

“A post’s first ten minutes are important for gaining traction and determining how it’ll perform,” says Zach Benson, founder of Assistagram. “It works two-fold: by flooding traffic from the large accounts over to yours from the ‘Following’ tab, as well as triggering the algorithm to recognize that large accounts are enjoying that piece of content. This will increase the post’s reach and its chances significantly in hitting the Explore page.”

Think of Powerlikes like a type of engagement pods with large accounts.

What’s an engagement pod?

An engagement pod is a group of Instagram users that band together in “pods” and pledge to like everything that anyone in the pod posts.

Many engagement pods use a messenger app called Telegram to automate the process.

“These days, no one dares to run a pod via DMs. Instagram caught onto that one fast. Facebook groups have also shut down for the same reason. Now the place to be for IG pods is Telegram. It is popular for a few reasons. Not only are messages encrypted, but the whole thing is programmable. What that means is that people have found a way to automate certain parts of the actual management of IG pods.”

– Josh Fechter, founder of Badass Marketers and Founders

Here’s how an automated engagement pod with Telegram works:

  1. At :50 each hour, the bot asks everyone who wants to participate in that round to drop their accounts. This means you type in the username of the account you’d like engagement on. E.g., @theroamess.
  2. At :00 (on the hour), the bot spits out a list of everyone who dropped their account. During peak times like 9am EST, the list is super long. The longer the list, the more engagement you’ll be getting, therefore the better.
  3. Everyone goes and engages with every account on the list and reports back when they’re done with ‘D @username’ so the bot can check. In some groups, you’re only required to like the most recent post. In XPLOR you like the last three posts. This only works if everyone participates, so Telegram round hosts don’t hesitate to ban leechers.

Here’s a screenshot of what the last step looks like with one of the most exclusive engagement groups, XPLOR Rounds.

To give you an idea of the exclusivity around some of these pods, the XPLOR group has prerequisites of 80k+ followers and 2k+ average likes per post just to join #instagramgoals

There is a divide in opinion on whether it’s better to use general rounds (where everyone is of different niches) or niche rounds (where everyone is in your niche, e.g.., fashion.).

Benson says, “I’m of the opinion that doing engagement rounds with those in your niche always trumps rounds across niches, but you might find that there aren’t enough people in your niche alone to have any real impact. Rounds are only effective if there are at least 50 participants, and if you’re, say, a mommy + vegan + travel influencer, you might be too “niched in”. Stick to general rounds with more participants.”

How much do Powerlikes cost?

Benson cites $1,200-$1,700 a month, depending on how many likes per day. Contact him at benson.zach@gmail.com if you’re interested.