Harvesting Viral Content

Credit: Josh Fechter, BAMF Bible

Sometimes you need to take a break from selling, selling, selling and nurture your audience for social media lead generation with other types of content.

By publishing intriguing, entertaining, and inspirational posts related to your business, you can build a following that relates to you and doesn’t see you as just someone else selling something. Moreover, this type of content is inherently more “viral.”

One problem: creating viral content is hard. Like, really hard.

Here’s a formula you can use to find viral content and republish it.

Step 1: Find social media sources

On Facebook, search for Pages in your niche and click the video section.

In the BAMF Bible, Josh Fechter says, “Look for videos that will pop based on engagement and relevance. Then I right click on the video title, copy the link address, and paste it into a Google Sheet to save for later.”

On Reddit, go to the top subreddits then filter by categories Hot, Rising, and Top.

Copy those links into your spreadsheet, too.

On Instagram, quotes do really well. Find an account that your target audience would be interested in and download their quote posts with DownloadGram.

You can get a VA or freelancer to remove the logos and add your own, which Fechter doesn’t feel bad about “because they’re pictures with quotes, not content to be taken seriously.” It’s a grey area, but I tend to agree.

On YouTube, find videos that will speak to your audience and copy the links into the spreadsheet, too.

On LinkedIn, find groups and profiles of your industry’s influencers and copy the links to their content to your spreadsheet, too.

When it’s time to post, you can put the links from your spreadsheet into your posts or save the videos to your machine and upload them directly. The latter gives the original source credit; the latter gives you more reach. Again, depends on your copyright policies, the types of content, and the source you’re using.

Step 2: Start outsourcing

Fechter says, “I don’t have time to collect viral videos, so I outsource the process using Upwork. I use this job description below to hire a freelancer. Within a few hours, I get several applicants and I’m ready to pass this process off to someone who’s more interested in doing it.”

Step 3: Put together a posting schedule

Fechter says, “If you have 30 – 40 pictures and 100 viral outlines, then you have enough content for a year, at least.” For the viral outlines, check out his Copywriting Bible (free).

He suggests a posting schedule like this:

Monday – Motivation picture/status

Tuesday – Grinding picture/status

Wednesday – Comic relief picture/status

Thursday – Appreciation picture/status

Friday – Gratefulness picture/status

For more about this tactic and to learn more from Josh Fechter, download his BAMF Bible and join his Facebook growth marketing Group, Badass Marketers and Founders.