Funnel Mapping Tools

Credit: ClickFunnels, Funnelytics

Data-driven marketers have an attraction toward funnels bordering on the type of timeless love found in Titanic or Romeo and Juliet. Indeed, a high-converting customer journey is enough to make even the toughest marketer weep with joy or cry out in red-faced envy.

Back when I built my first content marketing strategy, I had no funnel to go off of or roadmap to follow. Nothing to imitate or test—only gut feelings on a blank page.

Thankfully that’s not the case anymore.

Today, there are no shortages of “funnel hacks”, templates, and companies / coaches / consultants offering to help. Here are the two best places to start…

ClickFunnels: The gold standard

Creating a funnel sounds easy, but the devil is in the details. Why start from scratch when you could copy funnels proven to work?

That’s the idea behind ClickFunnels and the ClickFunnels Marketplace.

If you’re doubting whether ClickFunnels is worth it, here’s an interview with Todd Collins—owner of an agency called Platinum Reputations—who credits ClickFunnels and Facebook ads as the two reasons his agency doesn’t have problems with lead generation.

George: It seems like adding new customers isn’t a challenge for you.

Todd: No, it’s not finding people that need our services or to solve a problem. That’s not really the issue. It’s fulfilling that work. It’s easy to go out and find a company that you want to sell social media services to or reputation management to.

George: So you built some funnels to get some leads to come into your system, and then you go out and deal with those customers. How many clients do you have right now at Platinum Reputations?

Todd: All together a majority of them are multiplicational, so you’ve got thousands of locations. I think it’s just over 400 currently.

George: Over 400 relationships?

Todd: Right, 400 relationships

George: And how many salespeople do you have?

Todd: Now? One. Me.

George: So when we were talking this morning, getting reacquainted—we text all the time, and we talk on the phone all the time—you used a word that is helping you scale those 400 relationships.

Todd: We were talking about actually funnelling those people in, and click funnelling. Scaling. We talked about scaling. I assume that’s the word you’re talking about…

George: Automation!

Todd: Oh yeah, we automate everything. (Laughs.) If you guys don’t know about ClickFunnels, you should absolutely, 100% get involved in ClickFunnels. It’s something that 100% absolutely works to generate leads. But also Facebook lead forms. You guys can create 600 salespeople within one lead form or a ClickFunnel. So if those two words I just said—Facebook lead forms and ClickFunnels—if you don’t write those down on your pad right now, that should be the one thing you take away from this. Every morning I wake up and I’ve got anywhere between, I dunno, 12 to 18 leads just waiting. And that is a warm lead.

In addition to planning out and tracking your funnels, ClickFunnels allows you to pick pre-built templates or find an expert to design a custom solution in their Marketplace.

Now, confession time.

While Clickfunnels is pretty much the industry standard, I’ve never actually used them. I prefer to get inspiration from the real world and map out my funnels with a different tool. Which leads me to…

Funnelytics: The new kid on the block

I found Funnelytics while scrolling through Facebook, and it was love at first site.

Funnelytics is exactly what it sounds like: a tool for funnel mapping and analytics. Here’s a quick demo from their founder if you’re interested:

Not only is the mapping tool free and easy to use, it’ll impress your boss and coworkers next time you have to visualize a customer journey.

Furthermore, the Funnelytics Vault and private Facebook Group are essentially funnel porn for marketers.

You can access the swipe files from a growing collection of the industry’s best marketers and interact with the community on social. Mikael, the CEO, does a great job of putting up valuable content on the regular and interviewing people who are masters of their craft.

The community favorite seems to be the funnel hack videos by Ben Moote, who breaks down popular campaigns every week. Sign up and check it out in the private group

Since starting to use Funnelytics, my team has quickly adopted it. After whiteboarding problems at work, it’s now common to hear my CMO say, “Ok, stick this in the funnel tool and share it with me.” Score 🙂

For example, here’s how I mapped out the Sam Ovens consulting funnel in Funnelytics:

For campaigns we’ve actually run, I’ve gone back and added the metrics at every stage. You can set it up to track some of them automatically, but for offline events, it’s manual.

The system isn’t perfect—the text box is notoriously glitchy, and it has its slow days—but it’s a start-up. It’s already providing a lot of value, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Have another favorite funnel tool?

ClickFunnels and Funnelytics happen to be two platforms that I know work very well, but I’m curious about other opinions. If you’ve got a favorite funnel mapping or analytics tool, drop it in the comments below and tell us about it.