Doubling Instagram Views in Stories

Credit: Josh Fechter, BAMF Bible

Here’s a hot tip: when you’re tagging locations on Instagram, always tag a specific spot.

Say you’re walking around the Lower East Side in NYC.

Rather than tagging “Lower East Side”, tag a specific business that you’re visiting or passing by. That way, you’ll have a better chance at being included in the story of the larger encompassing area, like “Lower East Side” or “Manhattan.”

Getting on a location story will get your Story more views. Josh Fetcher, founder of the growth hacking group BAMF, says when he makes it on the Pacific Beach story, his Story gets 100-400 more views.

Unfortunately, he says, it rarely translates to followers for most people.

Why? Because their content sucks.

If you want this to work, you need to up your story game. It has to stand out. Turn your camera around and talk directly into it. Or, use your story to tease your latest post or run a giveaway to drive people to your main profile.

You don’t have to be eating at the Meatball Shop to tag it. Instead, you could stand out front and talk about the time you met Adrien Brody there and snapped a picture with him only to lose your phone before you could prove it to anyone (true personal story…ugh).

It’s simple, actionable, and free. Don’t expect to blow up overnight, but try tagging business locations exclusively for a few days or weeks and see what happens.